Baby “cut to shreds” after shower screen explodes while she’s in the bath

Elsieè-Maie Richards was left screaming in pain and covered in cuts after the screen hit her “like a gun shot”. A baby was “cut to shreds” after a shower screen exploded while she was taking a bath. One-year-old Elsieè-Maie screamed out in pain as shards of glass blasted into the air before raining down onto her. Horrified mum Stacy Richards, 24, said she heard what sounded “like a gun shot” as the glass shattered into pieces. Stacy, from Denbighshire, Wales, said Elsieè-Maie’s dad had to pluck the little girl from her arms as she was shaking so much. The 24-year-old #Newsfeed





Author: Allyson Mayra

Hi I am Allyson Mayra lives in USA.I want to trend news about Mauritius..

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