Linley Abdool Raman or simply ‘Lin’ is at the dawn of its 39 banks. Friand of typical Mauritian dishes, the singer is also a great lover of animals. He also dreams of building a home and founding a family, and struggling for a society where brewing crops will propel the country onto the world map. He speaks to us openly …Linley Abdool Raman is a man who breathes life with full lungs. As he speaks to us, we discover that he has remained humble and simple in spite of success. “I still live with my mom in Tranquebar. I am nonetheless independent. I am so attached to her that I am afraid to let her live alone. In the morning, after a good cup of tea, I do the housework and prepare the meal. I often cook typically Mauritian foods, rice, dried grains and rougillas “, confides our interlocutor.PrayerPrayer occupies an important place in the life of the singer. “Prayer nourishes the soul,” he says. “Since childhood, there is a ‘spirit’ that watches over me. So I was serving in the church. But over time, the way some people go to church did not please me and I preferred to stay at home to pray. Besides, I pray at any hour of the day every day. I never miss my prayers in the morning, in the daytime and in the evening. I am not the kind of person to ask God to make me become a millionaire or to tire the Lord for His prayers. But I ask him to give me good health, “continues the singer with a low voice.The mixing of culturesLin attaches great importance to cultural celebrations and to the intermingling of cultures. “My father is a Muslim converted to Catholicism and my mother is of Catholic faith. Naturally, everyone thinks I am a Catholic. But know that I offer myself to all the cultures of the country. I am not ashamed to walk to the Grand-Bassin sacred lake for the Mahashivratree feast, or to visit the pagoda during the Chinese New Year and to frequent Tamil temples. I am open to all religions no doubt because I am the fruit of a mix of cultures. Besides, my name is Linley Abdool Raman. That’s Mauritius. I am the red, blue, yellow and green of our national flag. Why can not a Sino-Mauritian and a Hindu eat a soup together without being bothered by the look of others? It is a scene that would be so beautiful to see … This is how we must live, “he said.”I am open to all religions no doubt because I am the fruit of a mix of cultures. Besides, my name is Linley Abdool Raman. That’s Mauritius. I am the red, blue, yellow and green of our national flag. “Swimming and ridingMoreover, the singer feels an infallible love for two sports: swimming and riding. He swims, he says, since the age of 13. “I love swimming because it is the best sport that can exist in the world. I still feel good after my swimming sessions. The movements free my stomach where my voice comes out to sing, “he emphasizes. In his lost hours, he devotes himself to horse riding at Domaine Les Pailles. “I remember a day when I had misbehaved at home. I must have been eight or nine. My father had taken me to the Champ-de-Mars to calm me. I was dazzled by the horses and since that day, I am passionate about horse racing, “he said.The making of a song in IndiaLin longs to found a family and build a house. That said, he also wants to make another dream come true soon. Indeed, the singer wants to make a song in Hindi. “I’ve always been fascinated by Indian songs because of their musical colors and melodies that tend to move the listener to an unknown land. India is for me, the cradle of music and song. That’s why I want to coat one of my songs with the oriental rhythm, “he says.Always ready to helpThe interpreter of the song “Sans ou” qualifies as a “rash” person because he says he is ready to lend a helping hand in any situation. “I have no reluctance to bath or change the layers of a sick person. Besides, I will be the first person to help in case of death in a neighbor or in the family. My paternal grandfather died in 1994. At the time, I was 16 years old and no one knew what to do at home. I took my courage in both hands and gave my grandfather a bath. I dressed him then. Since then, I think I have given the funeral bath in no less than fifteen occasions. Even though the idea of ​​working for a funeral company has never touched my mind, “he says.




Author: Allyson Mayra

Hi I am Allyson Mayra lives in USA.I want to trend news about Mauritius..

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