A fine achievement by Sharmeen Choomka at the School Certificate (SC) exams.This 12-year-old college student took 10 credits at the SC 2016 exams, the results of which were communicated online to candidates on Tuesday, January 17.Sharmeen Choomka, a student at City College in Port Louis, says he dedicates this fine performance to his sisters. She has six, two of whom are lawyers, and she is the youngest.”My sisters helped me a lot in my studies,” says Sharmeen.Habiter Plaine-Verte, Sharmeen Choomka attended the primary school ZamZam. She obtained 4 A + and 2 A in the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations. She then attended high school at City College in Port Louis.Sharmeen Choomka explains that she followed the example of her sisters who all “skipped several classes”.”It takes two years in kindergarten. I did only one year. I did not do the Std V either. In college, I did not do Forms 3 and 4. “At the SC 2016 exams, Sharmeen Choomka took part in the following subjects: English, French, Mathematics, English Literature, Islamic Studies, Accounts, Additional Mathematics and Computer Studies.The girl says she plans to stay at City College to do her Higher School Certificate (HSC): “The college staff helped me a lot.”What does she plan to do after high school? “I want to become a lawyer. My sisters and my parents are my role models, “she replies.Sharmeen Choomka says that his young age was not an obstacle in his studies. She said she did not have the pressure for the SC exams: “Mo bann ser osi inn fer parey. Monn swiv zot. Mo pann found his “tough” parski mo ti kontan pou fer li.The seven Choomka sistersSharmeen has six sisters. She is the youngest of the family. The eldest, Youshreen Choomka, 32, is a lawyer. She is also the Director of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA).Then comes Yasreen, 30, who works in the “paralegal” area as legal counselor.Tawheen Choomka is the third child of the family. Aged 28, she is also a lawyer. Then comes Nawsheen Choomka, 26 years old and accountant.Nooreen Choomka, 24, is a teacher. While Farrheen Choomka, 21, is a police officer.


From http://viralmauritius.mu/index.php/2017/01/17/audio-a-12-ans-sharmeen-decroche-10-unites-au-school-certificate/

From https://viralnews16.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/audio-a-12-ans-sharmeen-decroche-10-unites-au-school-certificate/


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