A 26-year-old teacher, living in the high Plains-Willems, accuses her ex-boyfriend of posting a series of bare pictures of her on a charming website. The suspect would have masked his face, in order to make her sing.Poonam (modified first name) fell from the clouds seeing pictures bare of her on a site of charm. Since then, this 26-year-old teacher lives in fear that her family falls on these clichés. They were allegedly posted by his 32-year-old ex-boyfriend. The young woman says she met him in August 2016, through Facebook. “We quickly fell in love. We even planned to get engaged at the end of January, “she explains.Everything was fine in the best of worlds for the couple, until last November. The behavior of the lover of Poonam changes completely. “He became possessive and jealous, even going so far as to brutalize me. Li enn lespes sick mantal. Li pa mwa konfians ek li dir mo get tou zom. Li maltret mwa. Linn vinn enn dimunn degoutan ek pena lavenir ek li “, launches the teacher.The young woman decided to talk to her parents who advised her to leave. “I told her her four truths. He gave me an appointment at the Plaza on December 16 to talk about it. He apologized and refused to let us break. He also promised me to change his behavior. He asked for time, “says Poonam. But her decision being taken, she will not change her mind and maintain her decision to terminate their relationship.Then begins a long ordeal for the young woman. “He kept calling me. I tried to avoid it at all costs. After a week, he started sending me threatening text messages informing me that I was going to have a ‘surprise’. He also told me he would make me famous. I called him and he said to me: ‘To anvi kit mwa, mo pou tou tou dimunn kone ki kalite fam ninport to ete kk kite foto to kontan iron. Tou to zelev lekol bizin kone. “She explains that at the beginning of their relationship, her ex-boyfriend and she went to boarding school three times. “I trusted him and I was in love. When we were in the room, he took pictures of me with his cell phone. He promised to erase them afterwards. However, he called me on January 2 of a masked number to inform me that these photos were already online. “The teacher had the shock of her life. “Li dir mwa get to bann foto lor such sit. Li dir his tablo sa, byinto fim pou zwe. Linn osi dir mwa ki linn maske mo vilin figir ek ki apre li for pibliye li konple, “relates Poonam. The young woman went, without losing time, to the indicated site. She then fell on her naked photos.She informed the webmaster of the website of her misadventure. The latter has removed the photos. But Poonam made screenshots of these shots. She plans to go to the Cyber ​​Crime Unit to file a complaint. The teacher feared for her reputation, especially as her family did not know she went to a boarding school with her ex-boyfriend.The ex-boyfriend: “Pa mwa sa”Solicited for a reaction, the ex-boyfriend denies the allegations against him. He says these photos are on his old cell phone that was stolen from him. “Kouma mo kapav met so foto lor Internet alor ki mo ena lintensyon marye ek li. Li ena en n ta lom lor Facebook. Kapav enn ladan kinn iron sa. Li bizin al lapolis. Pa mwa sa, “he said.

From http://viralmauritius.mu/index.php/2017/01/07/reglement-de-comptes-des-photos-denudees-dune-prof-atterrissent-sur-la-toile/

From https://viralnews16.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/reglement-de-comptes-des-photos-denudees-dune-prof-atterrissent-sur-la-toile/


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