Chennai: Liladhur Ramdhun Retrouvé Sain Et Sauf

Lenadhur Ramdhun, the brother of Viren Ramdhun who is the president of the Hindu House, was found dead on 28 December 2016 in Chennai, India.This is what the son of Liladhur Ramdhun, Kevin, told Radio Plus. He said he received a call from the Mauritian High Commission in India informing him that his father was found safe and sound several kilometers from the hotel where he was staying in Chennai.Aged 69, Liladhur Ramdhun went to India for a holiday with his wife and sister-in-law. He gave no sign of life after leaving the hotel where he was staying in Chennai. He had gone astray.It was a member of the public who found Liladhur Ramdhun after his photo, accompanied by a notice of research, was published in the Indian press following his disappearance.The person who found him welcomed him home before calling on the telephone number on the search notice.Kevin Ramdhun told Radio Plus that he could speak to his father after learning the good news. His father, he said, told him that he was doing well despite the fact that he felt fatigue, having walked several kilometers on foot since his disappearance.Kevin Ramdhun said shortly before 1 pm that he was about to go to his father’s place.




Author: Allyson Mayra

Hi I am Allyson Mayra lives in USA.I want to trend news about Mauritius..

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